There are some items we are not able to re-use without the correct safety labels attached to them.

Fire Safety

All upholstered furniture (including sofas, chairs, mattresses) must have fire safety labels. 
On sofas and armchairs this will read - "complies with the furniture and furnishings (fire) (safety) regulations 1988" and/or "this item does not require a schedule 3 interliner".

fire Safety



Must have a blue framed label which refers to BS7177 sewn into the end wall. We can't accept mattresses with stains or rips.


mattresses label


Any glass larger than 21cm x 30cm (the size of an A4 sheet of paper) must be toughened or laminated. This is usually indicated by a BS kite mark or reference number.



Size & Weight

Most of the people who use our service live in upper floor flats so the size and weight of some items is occasionally a problem. Some items (e.g. a solid wood, 8ft wide, wall unit that doesn't come apart) are simply too large and heavy for our volunteers to lift and move safely.